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As a therapist, I am very interactive. I love collaborating with clients to find solutions and empowering individuals and couples to put new skills into action, but I also believe that we must understand why we feel and act the way we do before we can confidently embrace steps toward change.

The first few sessions:  This is a time for us to get to know one another and for you to decide whether I am a good fit for you. I will be hearing your story, discovering what led to your seeking therapy at this time, and identifying what you are hoping to receive from therapy. I like to pinpoint your strengths (we all have them), as well as what is currently disrupting your life (old memories, trauma, false beliefs, difficult relationships, habits, loss, life changes). With a full history and and better understanding of your current situation, we will create a treatment plan tailored just for you.

Individuals: anxiety, depression, abuse recovery (sexual, physical, emotional), spiritual issues

Couples: communication, conflict resolution, addictions, affairs, grief/loss, spiritual issues

Adolescents: anxiety, depression, social issues, sexual abuse, spiritual issues

Groups: I lead women's support/therapy groups that address the impact of childhood sexual abuse. In a small, confidential group of women made up of fellow survivors of childhood sexual abuse, we explore the soul that has been damaged by sexual abuse and walk step by step through the process of change and healing.

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